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“Worker Bee of the Week”: Kayla Walker *donation opportunity* by Brandi Cooper

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

#WorkerBeeoftheWeek” is where I will shine a spotlight on individuals that inspire me by doing good things in the community. I chose this name for this section because in an actual beehive the worker bee is crucial in the production of honey. The worker bees are responsible for all the gathering, gardening, and protecting. Without them there would be no honey. Workers bees are vital in the beehive, just like community leaders are vital in society. We need them to protect, uplift, and nurture our communities to keep everything going in a positive direction.

So without further ado I introduce “Worker Bee of the Week”: Kayla Walker

I have the honor and pleasure of introducing you all to Kayla Walker. A young lady who has dedicated her life to uplifting the youth, fighting for the advocacy of African-Americans, women’s rights, and that’s just a few to name. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Kayla can instantly feel her genuine passion in regards to helping others. From her going above and beyond for her students at a local Atlanta high school to marching in protest for causes she believes in, Kayla has inspired myself and many others through her philanthropy.

Kayla will be 27 years of age soon, and in typical Kayla nature, she wants to bring her birthday in by giving back to the community. I introduce you to #ProjectPurpose.

In collaboration with Covenant House Georgia, Kayla intends to raise funds and collect donations to meet the needs of 27 previously homeless and/or trafficked youth who are currently apart of the shelters' Rights of Passage program for her 27th birthday. Keep reading for details on how you can help!

The mission of Project Purpose 27, is to provide support for local youth shelters striving to meet the basic human needs of homeless and trafficked youth as they seek refuge. 

The goal is to provide a minimum of three necessities and a minimum of one desired item per youth.

(This does not include hygiene items, these  will be provided for everyone)

Contributions will go to the purchasing of the items urgently needed. These have been identified by the shelter as the following:

Urgent Necessities:




T- shirts

Hygiene Items (Travel Sz.):



Body Wash



Comb/ Brush

Cotton swabs

Wash clothes and towels



Portable chargers

Water bottles (that hold temperature)



All donations will be greatly appreciated, not just by Kayla, but by all those who are in need and could use the assistance! Be the change you wish to see..

*Deadline to donate is July 14, 2018*


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