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Makeup Love featuring Notebook Cosmetics

Ladies, lets go where the makeup resides!

I have a question, how are you planning to take care of YOU in 2021? I had to even ask myself this. I know this year just started, but with the way 2020 went; we cant afford to not be intentional. I mean, we can't pour from an empty cup right? And if your cup became completely depleted at some point or maybe even non-existent; thats totally understandable. My cup had a few bruises and cracks in it, so I get it. But the divide comes when you decide to stay in that space or move! (me in Notebook Cosmetics below)

Last year was a year of facing myself. I went through a period where I just didn't feel like ME any more, and 2020 said "girl its time to get back in formation!” My confidence had lowered along with my passion for my purpose, but instead of continuing to sulk in my own ways; it was time for a change. Quarantine permitted me so much time alone, I started to to think of ways that I could fill my cup back up. Before quarantine I was moving so fast that I forgot about me, my interest, the things that were behind my passion and drive. I almost forgot what I was interested in and how it made me happy, but I knew it was time to get back to that. I kept seeing all this talk about self care and fun, and I thought, "Well how can i implement more of that in my life?”

I started watching different makeup videos on youtube which inspired me to invest in some of the the products I was seeing. I had always been interested in makeup, but seeing these women be so empowering with their art sold me during those moments. Besides, getting your makeup done every single time you want to get cute can be a lot, so its always convenient to do a quick beat on yourself. Plus, all this alone time during quarantine was the perfect moment to experiment for me.

Throughout my search, I stumbled upon a company called "Notebook Cosmetics". Immediately the first thing that caught my eye about this company was the marketing. The beauty of the models was prominent and only enhanced by the makeup instead of being overshadowed (something I see a lot). Thats something I really admired, being as though it’s rare rare that models for a makeup brand give a natural appeal. The average woman isn't going to be super glammed up on a day to day basis, so that representation is awesome to see. A super plus is this brands makeup is organic and cruelty free as well. If you know me, you know that I am the holistic mami okay lol! Anything that is all natural will def get my attention, so obviously I ordered.

The product I received was was nicely packaged in a black box with classic gold writing. Im a sucker for good packaging! It makes the experience much more memorable, usually being one of the determining factors when deciding if I should shop with the brand again or not. I can honestly say, they exceeded my expectations and gained a lifetime customer. This product came as a great add on to my new growing collection, actually climbing to the top of my list after finding out about it multiple uses. This 3 in 1 Satin Matte Lip Pencil serves as much more than just its name. I highly recommend it to any and every girl who loves make up, loves organic beauty and anyone who wants to “Learn, Practice, and Create” like it say’s on the outside of my package box.

Check out more about Notebook Cosmetics at their website www.notebookcosmetics.com/ and instagram.