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Queen Bees of the week: Sailor Sisters owners of hair brand Kurl Girls #naturalistaappreciation

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Queen/King Bee of the Week” is where I will shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs that are doing their thing! This segment will showcase up and coming businesses, and the faces behind the brand. I created this segment in hopes that 1. You will get a couple business tips, 2. You will get inspired to start your own business venture, 3. You will find out about other small businesses that you would like to support. When the Sailor sisters both went natural, they both looked for alternative hairstyles that made them feel confident through out the process. During that time they realized that there was a much larger demand for different textures of hair extensions in the cosmetic field. They couldn’t find hair extensions that matched the natural texture of their hair, so they decided to fill that gap. Without futher ado, I introduce to you Ashley and Sydney Sailor, the sister duo that started the Atlanta based hair brand, “Kurl Girls”.

Image taken from Kurl Girls' instagram that displays all 6 textures available

Sydney Sailor, 23 (pictured left) and Ashley Sailor, 26 (pictured right)

Q&A: Q:What made you start Kurl Girls? A: I (Sydney) went natural in 2011, and Ashley did the big chop in 2013. We were  tired of how unhealthy our hair looked since getting relaxers majority of our lives. Ashley wasn’t comfortable rocking a short fro (afro) in the beginning, and I wasn’t comfortable wearing my hair out during the transitional phase.  We both would wear a lot of sew-ins to hide our natural hair. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of heat damage to our leave out. We knew we couldn’t be the only one dealing with that, and we desired a better solution for it. We had the idea that hair companies who didn’t sell natural extensions, should. We knew that there were other women that needed help just like us, women that didn’t want to put heat on their hair, or women that wanted a beautiful natural fro without waiting years to grow it out. My sister and I both graduated from Georgia State, and we decided that we wanted to do more with our lives than just graduate and work a corporate job. We wanted to find a way to help African American women fall in love with their natural hair texture. Maybe they were considering going natural but didn’t feel comfortable going through the big chop or transitioning phase. A lot of women with hair ranging from 4a- 4c (different curl textures) already wear extensions, so what better way to introduce it than offering a product similar to what’s already out there.

Q: How did you do it? A: We thought of Kurl Girls just playing around in Sydney’s dorm room coming up with corny slogans, “Come get your curls girls! “. We then decided to use K instead of C because African American women are known for having kinky hair. From there, we created our company colors and vision board for what we wanted the site to represent. We chose African American models with different skin tones and hair textures to represent all the different hair patterns 3A-4C. We also used to the help of our friends, Aaron Jackson (photographer/web design) and Samantha Roberts (hairstylist). Q: What were some of the challenges you faced with starting a new business? A: Being that we are a new company it can be challenging spreading the word about our business especially competing with other natural hair companies that have already been on the market for a while. Another challenge for us was finding the perfect  vendors because most companies don’t sell the texture hair we offer. Q: What is some advice you’d give young entrepreneurs? A: Involve God in all your plans, and he will make sure you succeed! Don’t be afraid to start a business or chase after your passion. God placed those thoughts in your head for a reason. Even if it’s already someone out there doing it, it’s your job to make a new and better way of doing it!  You can check out the Kurl Girls' website here, and follow them on instagram for more info here!

Business tip: When starting a business, ask yourself these questions:  What is your market, and what is it missing? What exist in your market that you could make better? What will make a customer choose your product over other competitors? How is your product different?

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