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Do you want longevity or quick money? 5 tips to improve customer service for your small business!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Over the last few years, I'm sure you've noticed that the influx of small businesses has been enormous. I partly credit that to social media. I feel like the idea of being an entrepreneur has become highly romanticized. There's this pressure that you HAVE to be a business owner, or what you're doing isn't worthy (which is absurd to me but I'll save that for a later date).

Being an entrepreneur is more than saying "I'm a boss.", and properly running a business is more than selling a product. One area in particular where a lot of people fall short is the customer service department. I've personally experienced horrible customer service from businesses both big and small, and it's the worst! As someone who worked in hospitality for over 5 years, I expect the best service and anything less is unacceptable for me lol. I am an avid yelp reviewer of both good and bad service lmao. I'm not rude or difficult, but like most consumers...I want to feel like I got my money's worth ya know.

Bad customer service is something that can really make or break your small business/brand. After someone supports your business, they should walk away exuding positive emotions. You want your customers to recommend you to others and keep that circulation going. Sometimes word of mouth can take you further than marketing because people trust people they know! This is the energy I want over your business! Don't get caught lacking lol. Check out the video below to learn some customer service tips that will keep your supporters coming back to you!

I just learned how to edit videos, so bear with me as I elevate lol.


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