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I'mmmmmm backk! Why I stopped blogging + my new project!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Hi guyssssss,

If you're reading this, I hope you're doing well and staying sane and safe during these trying times. I pray you've received some unexpected blessings, or maybe you have one on the way. I know its been a long ass minute, but I'm back. At one point I wasn't even sure if I would ever bring my blog back because I had taken such a lengthy hiatus, and I partly convinced myself that it was a fail because I wasn't consistent. As of now, I'm challenging my fake perfectionist ways. I can be so hard on myself, and very overly critical(I'm a virgo rising). If something is not exactly how I want it, it usually serves no use in my eyes. That type of thinking can really stress you out because you're always striving for a standard you never put in true effort to reach. I know I'm grown lol, but the concept of "practice makes perfect" is really something I had to take time and internalize. Just because you're not a natural talent at something doesn't mean the potential talent you're able to grow and nurture is less worthy. I guess patience isn't my biggest strong suit, but the notion of things having to be prefect right off the bat is something I had to let go of.

I had to accept that I was't feeling it, and I couldn't force it. My confidence and passion in the path I was taking was no longer there. I wasn't even feeling my book anymore. I was just off all of that for some reason. I had done some really great interviews with people that I never posted, and I felt bad because I value the time of others. Which furthermore made me think the blog wouldn't come back, butttt again I couldn't force it so I was like, "fuck it. I have to take care of myself mentally until my spirits are where they need to be, and I'll cross whatever bridge I need to when I get there.". To those of you I never posted I apologize, I appreciate you fr, and I hope you don't mind me still posting :)! I just wasn't in the right space. I always give myself time to just feel whatever it is I need to in that moment. Even if I go crazy in the process, I always come out better. And now we're here!

I am so happy, blessed, and grateful to be feeling like myself again, or hell maybe even a better version of me. Basically, I'm reloaded bihhh, and I'm ready. I am excited to create beautiful content that is authentic, uplifting, informing, and entertaining. I've started taking another hobby a little more serious which is cooking. It's something I honestly enjoy doing. Follow @BaddieBeeCooks on IG. I'll be posting my first video this week!

I've missed yalllll. Whether you truly enjoy my writing, or you're just being nosey lol ...I'm glad you're here, and all forms of support are appreciated/accepted. Stay blessed!




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