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Updated: Jul 20, 2018

HI guys! My name is Brandi Cooper! Thanks for taking the time to view my blog! If you want to know more about me click here. Let’s get straight to the point!

Welcome to The B Collection! In this blog I will discuss a little bit about everything! Here I will touch on such topics as #fashion, #beauty, #traveltips, #relationships, #entrepreneurship, and more!

Obviously, this blog is open to anyone, but overall everything I do is dedicated to women(sorry guys). I will have a lot of interesting post for men, but my ladies are definitely who I do it for at all times lol. After publishing my first book “Cocaine”, I begin to think about how I could reach more women and be a voice for them in a way that would’ve been appealing to me. I wanted to connect with other women on a more transparent level that allowed people to really get to know me and the things I stand for beyond reading my book! Everything I post will be a positive tool to help others embark on living their best lives. Two major themes you’ll see throughout my blog journey will be #happiness and #financialsecurity, and other topics will be sub categories of those.

Relationships will be a huge a subcategory because I’ve seen many people let unhealthy relationships deter them from happiness and accomplishing goals. I am not proud to say that I have even let those types of things interrupt my grind(never again!!). I do not know everything, and I’m still learning as I go, but throughout adulthood I have made some fuck ups that might be helpful to others. I’ve been told I give great advice, and experience has been my best teacher honestly. So far, I’ve dated all different type of guys that have put me in all different types of situations, both good and bad! I’ve been the spoiled gf that got everything her heart desired, but was cheated on regularly! I’ve been the girl that spoiled her man, but barely got half of what she needed in return! I’ve been the girl that came into a man’s life and he thought we were building, and I woke up one day and disappeared! I’ve been the girl that didn’t know he had a girlfriend(maybe even a wife??) and so on and so forth! I will be sharing my juicy secrets, crazy stories, advice, and thoughts on all things necessary. If I can help stop one woman from letting a man drive her crazy, then my mission is complete lol.

In regards to financial security, I’ve noticed a lot of people my age are unaware how to save money, build credit, and invest in themselves. Many people want to create generational wealth, but do not know where to begin. Maybe you have the money to fund your own business, but don’t have the mindset to keep that business afloat. Maybe you’re like me and you were never really taught about credit and saving, so now you have to go back and fix your mistakes. Whatever the case may be I am here to help and share things that I have learned and experienced so far on my own journey. If you cannot manage money well, how well do you think you’ll be able to manage a business?

I will also be sitting down with many people that come from all walks of creativity that may be able to share some knowledge that I don’t have to offer. I plan to meet with everyone from entrepreneurs, upcoming artist, college graduates in a fields you aspire to be in plus more! This not only gives the readers a better blue print, but you might also find about some pretty cool people that you may be interested in supporting. The only way we succeed as a community is to share knowledge, and plug people in when you can. You have to show love to get love. Remember that! Thanks for checking out my first post. Let’s stay happy, andddd get this money yall!

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